EdubestTM  is a trademark and brand name for quality education programmes developed by Edbest Education Development Sdn. Bhd.


       With 15 years of experience in developing and conducting  education programmes, we have tailored programmes in an innovative, smart and effective way for students to obtain the best learning experiences. Students enrolled for all EdubestTM programmes will be provided with high quality and well structured printed and digital material. We assure all our customers that our  programmes will be conducted at all EdubestTM centres which are registered under state Education Department. Hence, all programmes run by EdubestTM are legal and quality programmes.

EdubestTM programmes developed are :   – EdubestTM  Bahasa Malaysia Programme – EdubestTM  English Programme – EdubestTM  Chinese Programme – EdubestTM  Mathematics Programme

All EdubestTM programmes cater for primary & secondary school students. Besides that, we offer languages programmes for adults too.

Program Bahasa Malaysia

  • Kelas baharu untuk Tahun 1 2015 bermula pada 4 Okt 2014 (Sabtu), 4.00-6.00 ptg.
  • Kelas baharu untuk Tingkatan 1 2015 bermula pada 5 Nv 2014 (Rabu), 7.30-9.30mlm
  • Kelas baharu untuk Tingkatan 4 2015 bermula pada 4 Nov 2014 (Selasa), 7.30-9.30 mlm
  • Seminar oleh pemeriksa peperiksaan :
    • UPSR (13 Ogos 2014, Rabu, 7.30mlm)
    • PT3 (7 Okt 2014, Selasa, 7.30mlm)
    • SPM (17 Sept 2014, Rabu, 7.30mlm)

English Programme

  • New class for 2015 Primary Level PR1A : 3 Jan 2015 (Saturday) 9.00am-11.00am
  • New class for 2015 Secondary Level SE1 : 5 Jan 2015 (Monday) 7.30pm-9.30pm

Chinese Programme

  • New class for 2015 Primary Level PC1A : 1 Jan 2015 (Thursday) 5.00pm-7.00pm

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