Many modern parents may question the effectiveness of e-learning, and rightfully so. The use of the internet and social media has received a stereotype with a certain negative connotation attached to it. But here at Edubest, we believe that e-learning holds the key to many benefits to children that may sometimes not be achieved in a physical environment; and we have seen this idea prosper in many ways. One of the benefits would be the 25-60% increase in knowledge retention rate due to e-learning being more engaging than compared to a traditional classroom setting. Edubest was the first tuition centre in Malaysia to incorporate this world class full and professional VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) into our teaching, and even with the current situation in Malaysia, our classes are not affected. Our classes are completely exported to our VLE platform, and our students are still able to study and learn whilst in the comfort and safety of their homes. So, why not experience and reap the benefits of engaging your child in Edubest’s E-Learning classes?

In this unprecedented week and ever since the Movement Control Order was issued by our government, all our classes have been conducted completely through VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). We at Edubest would just like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to parents for their cooperation during this time and allowing our classes to continue running smoothly with little to no hiccups! Apart from that, we’d also like to assure parents that we do take your feedback seriously and are working on the betterment of our services based on your input. Thank you once again for your trust in Edubest.

Frequest Asked Questions :

The lesson will be ongoing for the same period of time: 2 hours. And throughout the entire 2 hours, the teacher will be online as well to respond to any students that may require assistance.

As for teaching, there will be various modes of delivery such as Conference (video conferencing and Live Chat) video, audio or posts. All these will take place in the allocated two hours. Each teacher will choose the mode(s) best suitable to accommodate the student group.

Definitely! You can post your question in the particular section such as, Essay, Comprehension etc.

Besides that, the Live Chat (by joining Conference and keeping the Conference “ON”) can be used to post questions or talk to the teacher in “live” mode.

For worksheet-based work (which are downloadable for answering and are to be completed in a week’s time; students are required to resend completed work to teacher), all the other work is done on the spot in the system itself. At times, teacher may grant them extra time to complete the work.

No. The e-Module is created in a Flipbook format for your reading convenience. You can flip through the e-Module as reference as though flipping through a physical book.

Log into your class and follow these steps:

I.    Click “Conference” on your left panel
II.   Click the title of the Conference if the Conference is “in progress”
III.  Click “Approve” (if there is)
IV.  Click “Microphone” & “Allow” (if there is)
V.   Click “Yes” for echo test and “Allow” (if there is)
VI. “Share Webcam” if you want teacher to see and hear you
VII. Click the 4 angled small arrows beside teacher’s screen to enlarge your screen if teacher shares his/her screen

Yes! You can do the same using the mobile device’s browser just as you would on a computer (with the exception of the Schoology app).

You may be viewing the account with a ‘Parent Account’ which restricts you from entering the Conference tab. Please log out of the respective account and be sure to clear your browser cache and ‘cookies’ before logging into Schoology again with your student’s ID and password.

This issue is most likely the result of an expired or possibly corrupted cookie in your internet browser. Try clearing your cache and ‘cookies’ from your browser before reloading and retrying the Schoology page.

Don’t worry, all Conferences will be recorded and will be available for 7 days. Just:

i.   Click “Conference”
ii.  Choose “Completed”
iii. Click “Play”

You may have logged into Schoology with your Parent Account which disables you from partaking in any activity on the platform. A parent account only allows you to view your child’s activity. Please log out of the respective account and be sure to clear your internet browser’s cache and ‘cookies’ before logging in again with the student’s ID and password.

Schoology is a platform hosted in US, used by 60,000 education institutions and 200 million users over the world. Hence, we may face slowdowns during night time when the west is having classes.

Due to heavy usage of the Internet and Schoology VLE (3 times compared to usual numbers) during this Covid-19 outbreak’s MCO, this congestion results in delay of page turnup at times. However, Schoology engineers are aware of this and have been working to improve this.

Besides that, do call TM or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to double check if your internet is running slow. They may offer useful tips or may even be able to fix it.

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict any unforeseen technical flaws that might take place. Therefore, we are keeping a watchful eye on the scheduled system maintenance notice.

If the entire two hours of class is affected and the class was not held, we will reschedule the class to another time and will be sure to inform parents concerning this arrangement.

If the class is affected by a minimal amount, we will plan our lessons accordingly and have the interaction and teaching done in the unaffected slot. Students can then log into the system again when the system is made available once more.

Their work is saved into the system as well as all the material that were made available. They can still post questions or send messages to the teacher if they require assistance.

You may try using earphones or headphones if the teacher’s voice is too soft. It may help!