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In teaching writing, learners need lots of encouragement, exposure and peer learning. This is akin to dancers, athletes, singers and performers who need a lot of practice, friendly matches and concerts to exhibit their skills,  gain experience and learn from opponents. This same concept applies to our language classes learners. Hence, we publish a bi-monthly bulletin titled “Edubest […]

How We Teach Writing with Technology

We use a mind mapping software to create dynamic essay mind maps for teaching and learning in class. Hence, we do not waste time copying notes on the white board. By doing so, our learners can concentrate on the teacher’s explanation for better understanding. For all secondary classes, all essays are typed with word processor in computer lab. With […]

Virtual Learning Environment

“How can Edubest help my child if he or she want extra practice and go on a self-pace mode to improve his or her language skills?” “How can my child connect with the teacher before or after class?” “How can we as parents monitor their progress ?” These are the questions posed by parents when they send […]

Content Development

Edubest is an education provider, not a tuition agency who merely employs tutors to teach using their own material. We develop and prepare our own printed material, digital resources and online quizzes. All our learning material are tailor-made according to Malaysian and international syllabus. To ensure that we deliver quality education, all our teachers are hand picked […]