25 Jul 2018
July 25, 2018

Edubest Bulletin

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In teaching writing, learners need lots of encouragement, exposure and peer learning. This is akin to dancers, athletes, singers and performers who need a lot of practice, friendly matches and concerts to exhibit their skills,  gain experience and learn from opponents.

This same concept applies to our language classes learners. Hence, we publish a bi-monthly bulletin titled “Edubest Bulletin’ for English  and “Buletin Edubest” for Bahasa Melayu. The bulletin serves as a platform to exhibit their work in a bid to encourage them, as well as enabling them to read and learn from other writers.

Teachers teach and guide in class. Learners write and their work are marked by the teachers. Selected works will be sent to our publishing team for bulletin publication. 

In bulletins, various written pieces( journals and compositions) from all levels will be included, everything from 7 to 17 year-old learners. It is very encouraging when one’s work is published and read by many!

We publish both hard copies of the bulletins as well as the web version for the benefit of learners and parents.