Cambridge IGCSE English

Thinking of prepping your child for success with IGCSE syllabus? Fret not, we have just the solution for you. Our asynchronous OTLP IGCSE Programme is the perfect fit for students entering or currently studying the syllabus.

Our IGCSE English programme is conducted in ashynchronous mode. Hence there is no fixed timetable.

What’s more, the benefit of asynchronized learning mode is that it allows for the individualized learning of learners, and leaves room for flexibility due to adaptable timings. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, and reduced pressure on students to keep up to a certain standard has been proven by experts to produce better results.

Our IGCSE tutors are all well-trained and will deliver all the essential skills and techniques your child needs to score, interesting audio and video materials to constantly fuel their eagerness to learn. Classes would be conducted on our own exclusive online platform, with top-notch learning tools and systems already in place to aid in the smooth transmission of knowledge.

Each module is carefully curated by our trained IGCSE educators, with 4 types of modules covering the 4 essential skills: Reading, Summary, Writing and Technical Skills. Leave it to us to provide the quintessential study guide!

With that said, our programme is suitable for all IGCSE students, as well as new students transferring to this syllabus. If you’d wish to enquire further, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to schedule a ZOOM meeting with you to clear up any doubts and answer any questions you might have for us!

Why take up IGCSE First Language English (FLE) with Edubest?

We :


Personalise the tuition programme for the learners.

Teach ALL skills and techniques needed for Cambridge Checkpoint & IGCSE FLE

Prepare learners for Cambridge Checkpoint & IGCSE Examination with past year examination papers

We guide and follow you through the lessons.

Mark your assignment / homework.

Meet you in live session for discussion monthly.

Ensure this programme only conducted by experienced Cambridge trained and qualified tutors

You :

Would not be paying for idle time during online classes.

Would not need to attend lengthy video conferences which takes up your time.

Do not need to worry of missing classes.

Learn at your own pace.

Can communicate with the tutor via text and voice messages.

Will be having both e-material as well as printed material  

Who should sign up for this programme?

International School students who need additional coaching for IGCSE English

Local students who want to take up IGCSE FLE

Students who are preparing themselves for tertiary education via A-Level


Let’s unleash your child’s potential together.

Structured & Comprehensive Notes and Guides