SPM BM for International Students

We are conducting asynchronous SPM BM lesson for International School students. It is an flexi-time individualized programme and there is no fixed time due to different time of the students in International Schools, local and oversea universities. With this learning mode, students can plan and well prepared for their examination, specifically in which year they plan to sit for the examination.

Our tutors would post pre-recorded lessons’ videos, learning materials, homework and guidelines online. We will be posting all printed material to the learners too on top of e-material. All the work done will be assessed and marked by the online tutors.  We will conduct live 1 to 1 face to face video conferencing monthly for the discussion of their work and progress.

Lessons would be guided by our online tutors. Hence, it is an individualized programme where we can scale the lessons according to a student’s pace. However, a learner will be required to take an online placement assessment prior to enrollment.

We have students from all around Malaysia and overseas (who intend to come back to Malaysia to practice their profession). Existing international school students, foundation and degree students from local and international universities  are among those who are taking our specially developed SPM BM programme for International Schools’ students and graduates.

If you’re interested and would like to ask further questions, please provide us your contact number to enable our person in charge to explain to you in detail and answer all your questions on the spot. Hope to hear from you soon!

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