Synchronous Online Tuition

Online Tutor-Led Programme (OTLP)

Due to busy schedules, transportation limitations and geographical constraints, many students are unable to attend our classes at our centres. Hence, at Edubest, we have innovated our programme delivery with the latest technology, the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), the one of its kind online learning programme, the Edubest Online Tutor-Led Progrmme Programme (Edubest OTLP).

In this programme, students are led or guided by a tutor with the assistance of learning and teaching technology. We believe in the combination of  human touch and technology. Hence, our Edubest OTLP is not merely a digital oriented learning tool but one with the guidance of a tutor. The Edubest online classes will be carried out in two modes, synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous OTLP

In synchronous approach, we will be having live video conferencing based on needs or a fixed schedule where discussions, question and answer sessions can be carried out. However, we only conduct synchronous classes during MCO or CMCO for all our offline students before our physical classes resume. Students who stay near us or able to travel to our centre are encouraged to join this synchronous mode till our physical classes resume.

Asynchronous OTLP

For Asynchronous lesson, there is no fixed time and tutors would post post pre-recorded weekly lesson videos, all learning materials such as e-module, subjective homework, quizzes with explanation  and guidelines online.

Student will follow the lessons by watching the relevant pre-recorded videos and all the work done by students would then be assessed and marked by the online tutors. This learning mode save their waiting time in online synchronous class. Besides that, they can re-watch or pause the lesson videos for notes taking or for better understanding  However, this mode is more suitable for self-disciplined and independent student but student will enjoy the flexibility of time and learning pace. All  lessons would be guided by our tutors. Our tutors will monitor their homework submission for marking. The learning is individualised because the learner’s progress is monitored by a tutor. For better learning outcome, we will be seeing student in live conference periodically.

Who is suitable to sign up for this Edubest Asynchronous OTLP?

  • Self-disciplined learners
  • Independent learners
  • Learners  who are unable to attend our offline or physical classes at our centre
  • Learners who have broadband Internet access and a computer
  • Learners who want to learn at their own pace. 
  • Learners who do not want to pay for idle time in the conference. 
  • Learners who do not want to attend lengthy video conferences which takes up their time

Please call us or drop by our centre for more information. Upon signing up for our Edubest OTLP, we will conduct a parents and students briefing to enable learners to have a clear understanding of the learning and teaching approach.

Edubest OTLP Features :

  • Tutor-Led
  • Online quizzes
  • Audio & video material
  • Soft copy material
  • Screen recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Marked & discussed work
  • Mobile apps for fast response
  • Discussion platform
  • Gradebook
  • Parents’ access for monitoring