We use a mind mapping software to create dynamic essay mind maps for teaching and learning in class. Hence, we do not waste time copying notes on the white board. By doing so, our learners can concentrate on the teacher’s explanation for better understanding.

For all secondary classes, all essays are typed with word processor in computer lab. With the help of the software, the learners will be more aware of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. On top of this, the learners can colour code the examination standard sentences required in their essays. This creates awareness on the importance of sentence varieties.

Our lab is equipped with a world class classroom management software. Our teacher can have access to all learners computers and interact with learners concurrently while they are typing essays. The correction and word or phrase suggestion can be made instantly. This is to avoid the learners’ feelings of self-consciousness when the teacher monitors their essay typing by standing behind them. The private message facility with students for guidance in our software enables learners to learn without feeling embarassed by being corrected openly.

At the end of the lesson, the learners will print their work for marking. Upon return, they will open the saved essay for correction

The hands-on essay typing and instant correction in the lab would most definitely enhance the effectiveness of learners’ writing skills.