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EdubestTM English Programme is designed based on the Singaporean primary and secondary schools’ curriculum, which is based on the GCE O-Level English Curriculum that was restructured by Singapore’s MOE. For the primary level, a thematic approach is used to help children relate the learning of the language to people, things and situations that they encounter in everyday life. As for the secondary level, the lessons are developed to cater to the needs of higher level English proficiency that is required in their tertiary education. Teaching approaches and lesson content are differentiated according to the learner’s needs and abilities. The language skills of reading, writing and speaking or oral communication are taught at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication. We emphasise the use of these language skills in the context of social interaction, literacy and acquiring information.


Programme Structure

The programme is structured into six levels, each level corresponding to a 12 month duration. Learners are placed in the appropriate levels according to their proficiency in the English language and not according to their age. An entry assessment is administered to determine the level of suitability for each student. Lessons are conducted once a week. Each lesson consisting of 90 minutes of classroom instructions and 30 minutes of interactive multimedia-based activities in the computer laboratory. A computer will be allocated to each child.

Q & A:

1.Why does Edubest English Programme adopt the Singaporean curriculum ?

A : The Singaporean curriculum  is a proven and very structured curriculum which suits the needs of Asian students. Besides that, the programme is designed based on the original GCE O-Level English curriculum adopted by Singapore’s MOE, which is equivalent to the IGCSE English curriculum by Cambridge University.

2. How does your programme meet the needs of other English curriculum needs such as CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – Malaysia latest English standard) and IGCSE (Cambridge International School Curriculum)?

A : Edubest English will be a strong foundation for high level English in general which covers vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, writing and communication. We will meet the needs of the respective examination system requirements through our online platform (Edubest VLE). Hence, our students will be prepared for their respective school examinations.

3.Who are your teachers ?

A : All of our English teachers are qualified in terms of subject-related educational background and experience. On top of that, they are trained to teach according to Edubest’s approach and standards.

Computer aided learning environment

Projector used for maximum effectiveness

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