30 May 2020
May 30, 2020

Edubest E-Learning

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Ever since the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18th April 2020, we at Edubest are proud to say that our classes are unaffected and have been fully conducted via our Edubest VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). We at Edubest have always been one step ahead and we had already introduced E-learning to our students 2 years ago hence our quick response and adaptability to this MCO announcement.

The success of our Virtual Classroom is attributed towards the useful, functional and proven e-learning features available inside our VLE itself which we fully utilise for our benefit. For example, the video conferencing feature which provides real-time sharing of audio, videos, slides, materials, live chats and sharing of the teacher’s screen to ensure students’ thorough understanding of their lessons and homework. These live sessions are also recorded for reviewing as well as for students who may have been absent while the live conference was ongoing.

However, this video conferencing feature is just one of many other advantageous features offered by our e-learning platform. With our proper and full-scaled VLE platform, we are able to upload our materials and resources for our students systematically. Besides that, teachers are also able to monitor students’ work, reply to student’s comments, and prepare unlimited quizzes and exercises as well as carry out online marking. All are done in ONE platform with students’ and parents’ accounts. With all these, we are able to maintain and provide our students with the same quality learning as they would have otherwise received in our physical classroom, even some advantages are not available in physical classroom classes.

Edubest has always and will continue to employ a systematic approach in our teaching and materials and dedicate as much effort as we can into the learning process. This is essential in order for us to achieve our goal of maximum student engagement and to provide the ultimate learning experience to our students to ensure their success.

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to once again express our heartfelt gratitude to supportive and responsive parents who played a big role in the improvement of the whole learning experience.

We at Edubest are doing all we can and promise to further improve our VLE and e-learning experience to achieve excellence in the name of education.