14 Dec 2016
December 14, 2016

Virtual Learning Environment

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“How can Edubest help my child if he or she want extra practice and go on a self-pace mode to improve his or her language skills?”

“How can my child connect with the teacher before or after class?”

“How can we as parents monitor their progress ?”

These are the questions posed by parents when they send their children to our centre. The most effective and smarter approach (as in the Edubest tagline) is to adopt the concept of VLE, or Virtual Learning Environment.

But again, how and which LMS (Learning Management System) should we use to effectively materialise this approach ? After conducting R&D for some time, we at Edubest have decided to use Schoology, the world renowned and award winning LMS as our VLE backbone and platform. Compared to our initial stage of “E-Learning” which was embedded in our website, Schoology LMS is far more powerful and effective. Used by the US Ministry of Defence, as well as established colleges, international schools and private schools in Malaysia, we believe and are confident that this LMS will definitely benefit the teachers, students, parents and administrators in our education centre.

We will start with interactive quizzes which are customised based on our programmes, additional material on top of printed materials which are given in classes and used by teachers, parents’ module where they can monitor their child’s progress and we are exploring the the implementation of a self-learning module with a reporting system, interactive features and video conferencing for the maximum benefit of our learners.

Last but not least, we would like to thank parents for their valuable feedback and suggestions on VLE during the parents’ briefing sessions. We are looking forward to serve you all and hope all will enjoy the benefit of this VLE, which can be accessed through computer, tablets and hand phones.