07 Dec 2020
December 7, 2020

Asynchronous Online Classes

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❗Want to master BM & English with a systematic approach but lack the time for classes?

❗Want to have the flexibility of time in learning with high quality tuition lessons?

❗Are you a disciplined and independent learner?

▶️ If all your answers are “Yes”, our asynchronous Online Tutor-Led Programme is your choice !

Why us?

☑ 20 years experience.

☑ Programmes developed by Malaysia MOE award-winning educators and Cambridge certified trainers.

☑ Lessons conducted by subject specialized, qualified and trained teachers.

☑ For both primary and secondary.

☑ Local and international syllabus.

☑ Exam answering techniques.

☑ Level-based classes, which are based on placement assessment.

☑ Excellent, complete, proper and award-winning virtual learning environment (e-learning platform).

☑ Each and every cent is invested into the teaching time, and not idle time.

We :

☑ Specialise!

☑ Personalise the tuition programme for the learner.

☑ We guide and follow you through the lessons.

☑ Mark your assignment / homework.

You :

☑ Would not be paying for idle time in the conference.

☑ Would not need to attend lengthy video conferences which takes up your time.

☑ Learn at your own pace.

☑ Can communicate with the tutor via text and voice messages.