15 Aug 2015
August 15, 2015


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There are enquiries and concerns on the changes in BM format or syllabus (both SK and SJK) that came to our attention. Especially with the implementation of KSSR (Kurikukulum Standard Sekolah Rendah), there are many different versions and assessment formats introduced and implemented in different schools.

Until today, Malaysia Examination Board (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia) is yet to finalise the final format of UPSR in KSSR format. Hence, the upper primary (Year 4 and 5) examination format are not finalised at this moment. Due to this reason, schools are setting assessment based on the format given in the guidelines, handbooks and workshops and it is still subject to changes.

Throughout the past 15 years of conducting BM programme, we have gone through numeral changes in syllabus and content based on government requirement (such as implementation of Ulasan and Bina Ayat in UPSR in 2003, changes of KOMSAS in PT3 and SPM in 2012 and PT3 in 2014 which only finalised 3 months before PT3  examination)  . In order to ensure our students get up to date changes and information accurately, as a responsible education centre, we are extremely careful in making any changes. Making changes merely based on reference books in the market may cause confusion since there are many versions of format published and used.

1. How does Edubest curb this situation and is Edubest programmes compliant to the syllabus changes?

Good question. First and foremost, the fundamental of the language itself will never change. Imbuhan, Simpulan Bahasa, Kosa Kata, Kata Tugas and et cetera will still be the same no matter what kind of changes the “Subject” went through.

With the experience of teaching, writing reference books and running programmes, we have designed our modules in such a way that our students master the fundamental skills of Bahasa Malaysia which surpassed the “Subject”. As for the format in assessment, we make changes in our worksheets, teaching and skills drilling until the examination format is finalised.

For example, Bina Ayat with words given instead of picture, subjective comprehension questions  are all in our Modules (may be parents can have a look into the modules) and the drilling is in our lab sessions and worksheets. The essay is still the same format and content but require more thinking skills where students are required to decide the appropriate content to be written.

Now, KBAT (Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi or Higher Order Thinking Skills) and i-Think is core emphasis in our education system. Hence, spoon feeding and memorising essays doesn’t work at all!  Our methodology will still on active and output learning and not merely inputs.  Without the language skill, there is no way a student can obtain high achievement in this “Subject”. In short, our emphasis is on thinking skill and command of language. We teach our student how to fish and not fishing for them!

2. What changes is going to take place in the latest advancement in Edubest ? 

The Ulasan (or used to called Nilai Murni). An image is given and students are requred to write a short passage based on the image with literal and figurative meaning.  This is more on high level and critical thinking skills that is trained in class.  Back to the basic, it’s all controlled by the language skills where a student needs to have good command of language and thinking skill  to answer KBAT questions.

 3. How do you keep up with latest changes in terms of syllabus, examinations and approach ?

 We go to the source for printed documents such as guidelines, DSKP (Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran) and circulars, the Ministry of Education and Malaysia Examination Board. Besides that, we consult qualified examiners for UPSR, PT3 and SPM. We talk to school teachers and appoint subject advisors from schools to advise and guide us in teaching, planning the programme and conducting seminars for examination classes.

We hope with this explanation, you will have clearer picture with what we are delivering and what your child is learning at our centre and how do we prepare  your child for examination.